Pollution Prevention

Eco-Friendly Geotextile Paving Solutions in Stafford, TX

Prevent pollution by using our eco-friendly geotextile paving solutions in Stafford, TX. Since 2000, Contractors Paving Supply has been committed to protecting the environment by providing high-quality products and solutions that don’t pollute. Our full line of products includes geotextiles, erosion control, and safety fences, which can be customized to fit any specification.

Contact us now to learn more about our full line of environmentally friendly solutions. As a leading paving supplier, we provide a wide selection of products that keep our customers safe and compliant.

Eco-Friendly Supplies

  • Silt Fence
  • Fabric
  • Geotextile Products
  • Sandbags

Geotextile Products

Use materials that are durable and safe for the environment. Eco-paving uses advanced sustainable technology as an alternative to traditional paving methods, minimizing pollution, reducing the carbon footprint, and protecting the environment from toxins. Not only are our geotextile products sustainable, but they also are a long-lasting solution for paving in different locations. This fabric is designed to prevent soil erosion, add stability to the pavement, and maintain the structural integrity of any paved surface.

Erosion Control Fences

In addition to our eco-friendly geotextile paving solutions, we offer erosion control fences designed to protect a project from soil erosion and sedimentation. From silt to safety fences, we offer a complete line of erosion control products from reputable, trusted brands in the paving industry. These products are also easy to install and customize to meet our customers’ specific project needs.